Soledad – feature film

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Screenplay by Arnaud Roussel et myself

Genre: drama, road movie

Co-production envisaged: CANADA/FRANCE – Shooting format: 4K, 2.35 -Duration envisaged: 100minutes

N° de dépôt SACD (France) : 236 718

N° de dépôt SARTEC (Qc, Canada) : 29743


Inspired by a True Story

Prison of the Baumettes in Marseilles. Gwenael, burned-down head and physical rugbyman, is in detention for a few more months. Each week, he receives a visit from his wife Soledad, who is very well tempered. Overnight Soledad no longer visits. After several weeks without news of his wife, Gwenael escapes from prison to find her. The offices and apartment in Soledad have been emptied. Gwenael fled from Marseilles. He traces his wife in the north to Andréa, Soledad’s sister. It comes too late, it’s already gone. Helped by Jo, his childhood friend, Gwenael fled the territory and set off in search of Soledad, who was in Portugal. Jo and Gwenaël embark in a freighter for Lisbon where the parents of Soledad are installed. Gwenael opens her heart and tries to explain to them what Soledad represents for him. Touched, Soledad’s mother reveals to Gwenael that her daughter is now in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite many disappointments and bad encounters nothing and no one discourages Gwenaël to pursue his goal. He wants to understand why Soledad is gone. Determined, courageous and stubborn, he will go to the end of himself to find the woman of his life.


The challenge is to magnify reality by being closer to this tumult, this rage that animates Gwenaël. I want to make a film with its own codes, its own visual language. The red thread is to retranscribe the different phases by which the hero passes. We will be in immersion, the danger must be perceptible by a nervous camera carried close to our man on the run. From the beginning of the film, I want to film sweat, dust, brutality. The actions are punctuated by the heartbeat of the hero and his stubbornness. I want Gwenael to feel this deep conviction that nothing is ever lost, even if we have to go to the end of ourselves.

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