OZONE – serie

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Number of episodes / saison : 10 épisodes – Shooting format: 2K, 16/9 – Duration envisaged: 26minutes

Genre:  science-fiction,  écologique


“Les enfants de l’Oz regretteront cette époque lointaine qui est la notre…”

In the future, ozone protects living organisms from ultraviolet disappeared. The last humans now live hundreds of meters underground. After several generations of underground life, man became a fragile and endangered. He wears a suit protecting her skin, oxygen it is distributed in a mask and his voice is recreated synthetically. These last humans are called “Ozone Children”. A young couple is formed. Oziel and Ozée want to have children and even like them, they do not want it to be produced artificially. Wait for their goal, they will challenge their looks and to the surface of the earth. Maybe Ozone has finally reformed and that a better life awaits …

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