DIY – bubbles

by adminwas· June 08, 2017· in Home, kids· 0 comments
Louis and Mateo are good friends! Today Mateo Louis brings his climbing center and fun to do with it!
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Celebrity at Mini

by adminwas· April 25, 2017· in kids· 0 comments · kids, Mini TFO, TV show
“Celebrities at Mini” an original series with lots of beautiful guests ! Explain a word or a francophone expression to children with the humorous intervention of a celebrity and a puppet.      
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“Amis des cavernes” a mute serie but ingenious! Our three ancestors discover with humor the modern world …
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Music videos Mini

by adminwas· April 01, 2017· in kids· 0 comments
With puppets, in the Beaches of Toronto or on the mountains of Snow Valley at Barry, Ontario.          
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