Coach moi – série

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Nombre d’épisode / saison : 10 épisodes – Format de tournage : 2K, 16/9 – Durée envisagée : 26minutes

Genre:  social comedy and mystic


“What is the click that would allow us to have a better life?”

Prologue: Gabriel, a thirty-year-old smart man, works on the human resources of a large group. Confronted by several cases of conscience, he is working under pressure from senior management. Lost and distraught, he jumps from the top of the 17 floors. In his fall, he loses his job, his wife and everything he had built. Despite everything, it survives miraculously!

Gabriel became a life coach. He is now convinced that it is by saving the lives of others that he will help himself. His job is to analyze, understand and help people. He developed the very special gift of just falling each time. His clientele: former colleagues, employees of small or medium-sized enterprises. Even if it improves the lives of others, nothing goes as it would in his own life. He is riddled with debts of his former life. Gabriel still has a fragile health from his accident. And to finish freshly divorced, he is young dad of a little girl that he is obliged to make keep by his mother to whom he returned to live.




Through this story, I wish both to testify to the society in which we live but also to encourage the best live together and the acceptance of the other. Gabriel’s new ability allows us to better understand our society and the people who make it up. With humor and mysticism, we would follow the vicissitudes of this superhero of modern times who want to redeem good conduct by helping those who need it. But as for the superheroes Gabriel is not infallible …


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