Tune de rue

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Format de tournage : 2K, 16/9 – Durée : 5 minutes   Acoustic live session Concept : Produce an acoustic sessions of emerging Canadian artists or groups. Filming in urban and atypical area. The program : An original song in French or English of the artist’s repertoire and an imposed song : “Cover” or “reprise” by a known artist. Each band or artist pull to the hat the imposed song of the next acoustic session. The purpose and result : Create an emulsion with the project and discover emerging artists. Propose the Canadian Talent Aid Program concept (MaxFact / Musicaction). Ask the famous artists to come and sing the songs of the young artists …   The first episode was made with  WHAT IF ELEPHANTS. Listen here : whatifelephants.bandcamp.com   Coming soon
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Screenplay by Arnaud Roussel et myself Genre: drama, road movie Co-production envisaged: CANADA/FRANCE – Shooting format: 4K, 2.35 -Duration envisaged: 100minutes N° de dépôt SACD (France) : 236 718 N° de dépôt SARTEC (Qc, Canada) : 29743   Inspired by a True Story Prison of the Baumettes in Marseilles. Gwenael, burned-down head and physical rugbyman, is in detention for a few more months. Each week, he receives a visit from his wife Soledad, who is very well tempered. Overnight Soledad no longer visits. After several weeks without news of his wife, Gwenael escapes from prison to find her. The offices and apartment in Soledad have been emptied. Gwenael fled from Marseilles. He traces his wife in the north to Andréa, Soledad’s sister. It comes too late, it’s already gone. Helped by Jo, his childhood friend, Gwenael fled the territory and set off in search of Soledad, who was in Portugal. Jo and Gwenaël embark in a freighter for Lisbon where the parents of Soledad are installed. Gwenael opens her heart and tries to explain to them what Soledad represents for him. Touched, Soledad’s mother reveals to Gwenael that her daughter is now in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite many disappointments and bad encounters nothing […]
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OZONE – serie

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Number of episodes / saison : 10 épisodes – Shooting format: 2K, 16/9 – Duration envisaged: 26minutes Genre:  science-fiction,  écologique   “Les enfants de l’Oz regretteront cette époque lointaine qui est la notre…” In the future, ozone protects living organisms from ultraviolet disappeared. The last humans now live hundreds of meters underground. After several generations of underground life, man became a fragile and endangered. He wears a suit protecting her skin, oxygen it is distributed in a mask and his voice is recreated synthetically. These last humans are called “Ozone Children”. A young couple is formed. Oziel and Ozée want to have children and even like them, they do not want it to be produced artificially. Wait for their goal, they will challenge their looks and to the surface of the earth. Maybe Ozone has finally reformed and that a better life awaits … To know more, thank you for contact me…
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Coach moi – série

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Nombre d’épisode / saison : 10 épisodes – Format de tournage : 2K, 16/9 – Durée envisagée : 26minutes Genre:  social comedy and mystic   “What is the click that would allow us to have a better life?” Prologue: Gabriel, a thirty-year-old smart man, works on the human resources of a large group. Confronted by several cases of conscience, he is working under pressure from senior management. Lost and distraught, he jumps from the top of the 17 floors. In his fall, he loses his job, his wife and everything he had built. Despite everything, it survives miraculously! Gabriel became a life coach. He is now convinced that it is by saving the lives of others that he will help himself. His job is to analyze, understand and help people. He developed the very special gift of just falling each time. His clientele: former colleagues, employees of small or medium-sized enterprises. Even if it improves the lives of others, nothing goes as it would in his own life. He is riddled with debts of his former life. Gabriel still has a fragile health from his accident. And to finish freshly divorced, he is young dad of a little girl that he is obliged to make keep […]
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